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Bring joy to up to 7 family members, acquaintances, or friends at once for only 25,000 HUF!

What is Urbango?

UrbanGo is double fun with no strings attached: an outdoor escape game and treasure trail with no time limit. UrbanGo gives you the joy of playfulness, adventure and exploration, experiences we crave as adults, but rarely have the time or space for them in our lives. It is more exciting than sitting in the movies because you are cracking the clues together while discovering the city in a way you’ve never seen it before. No Google or lexical knowledge needed to solve the puzzles, only logic and collaboration. Do you know where the witches were burned? Where does Minerva, the goddess of city protection, hide her enormous statue? Did you know that the Tunnel also has a resident? Perhaps you have passed by a place a thousand times, but now you can learn something about it that you never even dreamed of. You might have passed these places a thousand times, but finally you’ll learn something about them you could never have imagined.

It's a great form of entertainment with friends, family, or colleagues. In just a few hours, you'll take a nice walk, and explore the most beautiful parts of the city while solving exciting puzzles along the way. And if you feel like it, you can even make a stop for some ice cream or beer.

There’s no better surprise for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or for any other special occasion than an UrbanGo gift voucher that gives people the joy of adventure, playfulness, and exploration.

What’s more, this voucher has a special power: it never expires! Your family, friends or colleagues don’t have to worry about deadlines. They can come and play whenever it suits them. (The maximum number of people that can use a voucher is 7.)

We’ll issue the voucher in pdf right away, but you can only use it after you’ve paid for it.

Vásárolj rögtön két utalványt, és hálánk jeléül megajándékozunk egy plusz ajándék kuponnal, amit a hamarosan nyíló, új Urbango pályán, az Urbango Green-en tudsz majd beváltani! 🙂

E meglepetésünket az utalványok kifizetése után küldjük emailben! És ha szeretnéd, akár ezt is átadhatod egy szerettednek … 🙂

Let the adventure begin!

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