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Grips and enchants

Budapest is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world full of impressive historical buildings. The city lies where the Danube meets rolling hills and vast plains that provides spectacular landscaped views from all over the city.

The picturesque urban scenery of the Parliament with its sublime towers, the Gellért Hill overlooking the Danube with its graceful bridges, and the quiant villas and palaces of Castle Hill will stay with you forever.

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Why have we created UrbanGo?

We’ve been all over the world and seen the same cooky-cutter city tours everywhere. But we don’t like set trails and time limits. We don’t like if we have to adapt to the needs of complete strangers or follow an umbrella. And we also don’t like if we’re inundated with information we’ll soon forget. After 16 years of longing and dreaming, we’ve finally created UrbanGo to give people the experience of a city tour that is more exciting and versatile with no time limit and no strings attached.

We love self-guided tours where you can feel as free as you want. We prefer to discover areas with family or friends, and we prefer to be free to stop any time we want to contemplate the landscape, take a photo, or have a drink. However, it is useful to have ‘an invisible hand’ guiding us to happen upon to the most beautiful and exciting locations in town. That’s why we’ve incorporated all this into an exciting game. To give people from all ages and all walks of life the joy of cracking clues and completing playful challenges, we have blended city tours with escape game and treasure hunt.

We started in 2015 with 1 trail and 150 players, today we have 9 trails and 20 000 people have played with us.

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The Budapest Team

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